Maven 2

Falcon is also availble from Maven repository. The following is an example from a pom.xml




Check it out...

Here are some of the different options to checkout the source

From Eclipse

There is a eclipse plug-in available call subeclipse which integrates very well with the IDE. Install this with the instruction provided. Then use this path to check out the source


TortoiseSVN is also a very nice tool to manage SVN repo. Install it and checkout the source to somewhere appropriate

Get the build going...

Maven 2 is used for our build process. There is only 1 snag in the XJC operation.

XJC issue

Jaxb is used to generate the bean objects that describe various part of the application. At the moment we are using mojo's xjc plugin . The only thing with this plugin is that the source generation is placed in the target directory rather then the source directory. After runnning the pom add the following dir target/jaxb-source in your IDE's build path.

This is it! All dependancy can be install automaticly by maven

Buiding the project

To build with maven is simple. Just enter

mvn install

This will put falconcore-<version>.jar to your maven repo.

Referenceing falconcore jar in eclipse

After calling mvn install to reference the jar in your application add 'M2_REPO' classpath variable. To add 'M2_REPO' variable window -> preferences.. then under java -> build path -> classpath variables.

After setting up the variable you can reference it by going to project properties and add a library by selecting 'Add Variable' and navigate to the jar file